Chapter Eighteen: The Streets aren’t Home:


To be honest, I’m tired. It’s always been the same. Personally, I was glad the shinigami showed up. But, he’s not certain.

This will not do.


“Why are you asking me this?” Tsuzuki asked. The target narrowed her eyes.

“How can you do this job if you can’t answer a simple question?” she asked.

“Look, Mikiko,” the shinigami said. “I don’t know what game you’re trying here, but I have to take you in.”

“I’m not,” Mikio said. “I just don’t understand you shinigami and hunters.” She noticed his shocked expression.

“Oh don’t look like that,” the target said. “You aren’t the first and you aren’t the last!”

“Enough of this!” Tsuzuki shouted after he regained his sense. “Come back with me now!” The target put up her hands.

“Fine,” Mikiko said. “Whatever. I’m tired of this anyway. Take me in!” Tsuzuki blinked.

“Just like that?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Let’s just do this. I’m getting bored here.”

“O… kay…” Tsuzuki said. He held out Christine’s book.


What can I say? It’s over. I can rest now. That’s what they wanted. I don’t care anymore. I already died once. Still, I had one question.

“What makes us high risk?” I asked.

“You kill the living.” Tsuzuki said.

Six souls left.


Meanwhile, Hisoka ran into a problem. One soul, one shinigami, and five bounty hunters.

-Three Hours Earlier-

Tsuzuki and Hisoka split up.

“We’ll cover more ground this way,” the younger shinigami said. “We’ll see how much we can collect today.”

“Got it,” Tsuzuki said. He headed west. Hisoka went east.

Somebody please help me!

The younger shinigami froze and turned around.

“Where are you?” he asked. “Who said that?” The streets of Osaka looked crowded like any other day. Hisoka scanned them as they walked by.

Help! Please help! Help me!

The shinigami spotted an alley down the street. Yes?

You can hear me?

Yes. Where are you?

Down here! Help me! They won’t let me go. Ow! Help! A slap echoed in Hisoka’s head, causing him to jump. He heard a man say, Shut up bitch! You’re coming with us!

No! Please let me go! I just wanted to see Mama again. Let me go! Let me go!

I said, shut up!

Another slap made Hisoka spring into action. Hang on! I’ll be right there! Just show me where you are! An image of an alley opened in his mind. He could see a girl about sixteen being held hostage by angry bounty hunters.

I see you! Hang on, I’ll right there!

Hisoka vanished from the street and appeared in said alley. The hunters looked up and saw him. Hisoka prepared himself for a fight.