I: Pandora:

Last night was heavy.

I don�t want to get up. Did they have to drag me out last night? I just wanted to stay in and work on my art project. Okay, maybe spend some time with Hunter or Evan. Or both. Seven o�clock already? Why did she have to make it due tomorrow? So annoying.

Pandora looked over at her clock in her dorm.

My teacher is so evil on days like this. Doesn�t she know it�s Sunday. Plus I have to meet up with someone at five this evening because of this project? Damn her! Bad teacher! Bad, bad, bad!

She sighed again.

I probably should get up and start on my project now. Damn!

II: Kei:

It feels like they came back from the dead.

I will only have class in two hours. Last night was awesome. Maybe I can drag the boys out on town more often!

Kei giggled to herself.

I just loved Simon�s face when big sis tried to hug him last night. You would think after hanging around Yoko for so long that he would used to big boobs like that. Heh, he has so much to learn. I would be happy to help, but no. Just no. Speaking of which, I keep thinking that I have something really important to do today. What was it? Hm�

She shrugged to herself.

Oh well. It�ll come back to me eventually. I�m pretty sure that it�s not that important anyway.

She giggled to herself again.

III: Jenny:

Shhh! Pass the aspirin.

Ryan is so sexy when he�s high. That was a hot night last night. I don�t think I had that much fun since our wedding night. He�s a stallion. The best part about this is that I grabbed him before anyone else could.

Jenny grinned to herself. She reached forward and stroked him on the cheek.

Such a man he is. No one those little sluts want him so much. Sorry girls, you can�t have him. You come over and hit on him, I�ll kill ya. I�ll kill ya good.

Her eyes trail over to a sleeping Ryan.

Isn�t that right, baby? �Yes it is, babe.

Jenny giggled in her head as she kissed him on the tip of his nose. �I love you,� she whispered.

IV: Simon:

Just take it easy.

What was Kei thinking? Dragging us around until six in the morning last night. She has done some crazy things, but this one tops them all. I doubt that Nia ever noticed that was out all night. I don�t even think she fully understands anything just yet.

Simon tightly shut his eyes.

I�m thinking too much. Just go to sleep before you have to get up again.

He shuts his eyes and tries to sleep again.

Good thing I already did my homework yesterday. Otherwise� yeah. I don�t even think Kei did hers. Knowing her, she didn�t. But yet, she�s one of the top girls in her class. How does that work out? Is she�

He shook his head.

No. Kei�s not like that. She�s always plotting something, but she wouldn�t stoop down that low. Besides, her dad won�t allow it. If the guy won�t let her live in a co-ed dorm on campus, he certainly wouldn�t enjoy her sleeping with the teacher to get a better grade. Darn it, I�m doing it again. Just go back to sleep, stupid! You have school in a couple of hours.

V: Emily:

My heart keeps beating like a hammer.

Timmy was cute. But not as cute as Simon. I could�ve sworn I saw him in that maid caf� last night. Nah. That doesn�t fit him at all. It would be so cool if it did. I like the sweet ones with a hint of naughtiness to them.

Emily�s shoulders drop in bed.

Too bad Simon�s not like that. He would be more fun and it would make things more interesting. Oh it would also help if he had a good amount of money to him. You know, just so that we can have more fun together and he can buy me nice things.

VI: Conrad:

Heavy night, it was a Heavy Night.

I hope Hellia doesn�t discover me like this. She kept calling me last night. She will really be pissed when she finds out that I was Kei all night. Hellia sees her as liability to her pot-dealing business. �That little rich girl will drag you down!� she keeps telling me. But, Kei doesn�t know anything. Kei and Simon don�t know anything. I did my best to keep it from them. I can�t help it that some of our customers come up to me for more drugs.

Conrad rolls his eyes.

Fuck it! Just sleep! You�ve got class in two hours! Thank you, Kei! Thank you so fucking much!

VII: Andy:

I cannot remember what I said

Andy didn�t really have much to think about this morning. He doesn�t do much of �petty thinking� as he calls it. He saves that for his art and films. He looked down in his bed to see Ian sound asleep next to him. The man smirked at him.

Morning, sexy.

He gently patted Ian on the head.

VIII: I�ll Love You in the Morning:

Last night was heavy. It feels like they came back from the dead. Shhh! Pass the aspirin. Just take it easy. My heart keeps beating like a hammer. Heavy night, it was a Heavy Night. I cannot remember what I said. I�ll love you in the morning, when you�re still hung over. I�ll love you in the morning.

Black Sunday