Sweet May Roses

Dateline: Jen and Sammi went to the candy store.

    Jen and Angela crept into Sammi’s room on the morning before she left. “Shhh!!! On my lead, we’ll get her, K?” Angela instructed. Jen nodded. The girls tiptoed to the sleeping immortal of happiness and ambushed her like loin attacking its prey. Sammi screamed as if she was in a nightmare. Then she looked and saw Angela and Jen kneeling over her. “What was that for?” Sam asked. “Get up!” said Jen. “We’ve got to go.” Angela said cheerfully. “Why” Sammi asked sounding delirious. “We’re having a picnic. For you.” Angela explained. Sammi’s eyes lit up with joy. “For….. me?” she asked in shock. Angela and Jen nodded with grins on their faces. Sammi was amazed. Her eyes welled up with tears of joy. “*Sniff* Domo arigato!” she wailed. “Well, we’re not going to have it if you’re not dressed. Now are we?” Jen pointed out. Sammi nodded, got out of bed, and got dressed. Then the three girls walked to Victoria Park to greet Ash there.

    “So, what took ya?” Ash asked when the girls got there. “Nothin’” said Angela. Then she turned to Pikachu and Ray. “Hi there.” said she to them. Ray grinned. “Pika.” said Pikachu cheerfully. Then Angela turned back to Ash. “Now, let’s go find a spot.” she said. “Right.” said he. Then the future family and their guest went off to find a spot to sit.
    After a few minutes of looking, the gang found a spot under a big thick oak tree. So they went over and set up their lunch. (Pretty convenient, since it was a hot day.) The family had subs, yakitori, sashimi, tempura, and taiko yaki for their lunch. After they ate, Jen, Sammi, Ray and Pikachu went off to play until it got dark. Then the family gazed at the stars and caught fireflies until it was time to go.
    As they walked home, a depressing thought floated into Sammi’s mind. “After tomorrow, Ash and them won’t remember that I even existed.” she thought sadly. Ash noticed the melancholy look on Sammi’s face. “Hey Sam, what’s wrong?” asked he. “Uh…. nothing.” she answered quickly. “Ah, right.” said Ash. “I’m not supposed to be sad. I need to make happiness last.” Sammi thought. Then the crew walked home in silence.
To Be Continued….