Tending to Angels

Masayuki and Baby Doll made it to the kitchen. He leaned her against the wall. She turned her head towards as he turned on the faucet. The angel panted softly.

“You okay?” Masayuki asked. Baby Doll slowly nodded.

“Good, good,” he said. The boy grabbed a cup and filled it with water. He turned when he heard Baby Doll muttering something under her breath.

“Hm?” he asked. Baby Doll slowed down her breathing.

“I don’t understand it,” she said.

“Understand what?” Masayuki asked. She looked at him with big eyes.

“I have been nothing but mean to you,” the angel said. “Why are you being nice to me now?” He smiled as he turned off the faucet.

“Because you’re letting me,” he said. The boy walked over and handed her the cup.

“Can you drink this?” Masayuki asked. Baby Doll slowly lifted her hand and took hold of the cup. She took small sips of the water.

“Better?” he whispered. She nodded as water ran down the corner of her mouth.

“Masayuki,” Baby Doll whispered.

“Yes?” the boy asked. She looked like an injured little puppy as she grabbed onto his hand.

“Please… Stay with me,” the angel pleaded. Her lower lip started to tremble. Masayuki stared at her with a dazed look in his eyes as breathed heavily. Out of nowhere, he darted forward and kissed her on the lips. Under normal circumstances, she would push him off and slap him. But right now, she sat there passive as he kissed her. Masayuki pulled back, blushing.

“Uh… I’m so sorry,” he said.

“No,” Baby Doll said.

“No?” the boy asked. She tried to lean forward and kiss her. He met her halfway and kissed her again.