Chapter Two: The Mission

    “I know the truth now. I know who you are and I don’t love you anymore.”

-Evanescence “Everybody’s Fool”

    Aneko stood over her out cold boyfriend. His hikari had grown weaker. “All I have to do is focus my energy into the key.” the princess thought. Then she knelt down beside him. She touched his soft cheek. “I will get you back my love!” she said aloud. Then she pulled out the dream key and began meditating over it.

    The key grew hot in her hands. But Aneko kept meditating. Soon, she felt her body rise. Then she felt lightweight. At last, the mission had begun.

    *Akumu Mission Starts*

    Aneko found herself in the same city Takeru was captured in. She looked around. Everything looked the same. Aneko had that sense of worry come over her again. Now nani? How was she supposed to find Takeru in a place like this?

    Then…. the princess stood dead still. “Uh-oh!” she thought. Someone was coming. Aneko quickly turned herself invisible and moved up against a wall. Two men walked into her path. The princess listened closely.

    “Cold ban, eh?” one of the men asked. “Yeah.” the other one said.

    “Seen anyone yet?”

    “Nah, we rounded them up last week.”


    At that point, Aneko had her lead. These men would guide her to where Takeru was. Then, a great idea hit her.

    Once the men started leaving, Aneko began following them. She made herself quiet at first. Then she grew louder and louder. And pretty soon she could be heard outside the city. The men grew paranoid. “Hey.” the first guy said. “Hai.” said the other one. “Do you hear something?” the first one asked. His companion nodded. “Is it a ghost?” the guy asked. “I don’t know.” his friend said. The other guy’s fear grew.

    The three of them kept walking. Once they reached a corner, the trap was activated.

    Aneko pounced on one of the guys and beat them up violently. All the other guy could do was watch in horror. “Nani the hell do you want?!?” he yelled. Aneko didn’t answer. She just decked the guy hard and he fell out.

    After the fight, Aneko made herself visible. She looked around at the guys at her feet. They were dressed in olive jumpsuits. An interesting item caught the princess’s eye.

    One of the guys’ army dog tags shined in the moonlight. Aneko took it off the guy’s neck and looked at it. The tag was a pass. A pass to get into Taka manor; wherever that was. Aneko had her doubts. But a chance was a chance. So she grabbed the other man and dragged him into the alley. Aneko quickly took his suit and cap off, changed into them, hid her own clothes in a trash bin, and headed off the Taka manor.

    Within minutes, the rain came down hard. The kazes picked up badly. Aneko stepped harder to battle the upcoming arashi. She had to keep going for Takeru’s seek. His life depended on her! “Just keep going! Aneko thought. She trudged forward.

    At last, Aneko reached two iron gates. Taka manor is nani they read on them. Ah! Success! The princess walked closer. A small kuro box was on the gate. “I.D. dozo.” is nani the message read. Aneko grinned and slipped her key in the slot. She waited for five seconds. Then the hikari became green and the gates opened. The princess walked through toughly. The gates shut behind her. Step ichi was complete. But she knew the mission was just beginning. “Here I come Takeru!” Aneko thought.