Chapter Seven: Things are Changing:


“Keep your hands on my breasts,” Char-chan said. I gulped as my cheeks felt hot. She came up with the idea this evening.

“Come back to my room,” Char-chan whispered. Her tone made me freeze. She wanted to have relations with me again. Char-chan took me by the hand and led me down the hall. I heard her lay down on the bed. Her clothes went off and she pulled me down on top.

“Okay…” I mumbled. My fingers moved along the warm skin of her breasts.

“What am I doing?” I asked.

“Do you like me?” she asked.

“Well… yeah… I guess…”

“I need you to know only my body.”

“What?” My hands slipped from her breasts.

“No, no,” she said, moving them back in place. “Keep your hands on my breasts until I tell you to. I want you know every curve of me.”

I still couldn’t get it. Char-chan seemed to have up the ante. She was so close too. I could hear her breathing heavily. The sound made me gulp.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah…” I said.

“How do you like my breasts?”


“Take your time. We have all night after all. I want you to only be familiar with my body. Every inch of it.”

I gulped as I began to see where this was headed. My thumbs brushed against her nipples.

“Mmm,” Char-chan murmured.

I about jumped. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. That felt good, do it again.”

“What? This?” My thumb brushed against her nipple again.


“Is that… good?”

“Yes. More.”

“Alright…” My thumb rubbed her nipples. Strangely, I enjoyed the sensation too. “You’re so warm.”

“Yes. What else?”

“How do they feel?”

“Soft. Warm.”



“Do you like how they feel?”

I pressed my lips together as my heart pounded against my chest. “Yes!”

She giggled as her fingertips caressed my left cheek. “Why so tense? I want bite. Yet.”


“I’m joking. Now move your hands downwards.”


“Just do it.”

“Alright.” My hands began to move downwards on her skin. To tell the truth, I found myself reluctant to let go of her breasts.

“Go down slower,” Char-chan said. “Remember, I want you to know every inch of my body.” My fingers caressed her hands.

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Understand what?”

My hands slipped downwards. “Why do you want me to know your body so much?”

Her finger brushed against my lower lip. “Because, we’re in a relationship now.”


“You will understand. For now, I only want you to know my body. No other girl will have you. You are mine. Never forget that.”

“Alright.” My fingers accidentally brushed up against her privates.

“Oh!” Char-chan moaned. Her pleasure-filled noises instilled within me the desire to hear her make them more often. Can this be what lust feels like? My face felt like it playfully burning as my fingers slipped into her privates. Her body jumped underneath me.

“Hey Char-chan.”


I shifted in place. “Can I get to know your body tomorrow night too?”

“You can take as many nights as you can.” Her tone indicated to me that she was smiling. My fingers played with her privates in response.