Chapter Thirty-Eight: Time Bomb:

The progression of hate is an interesting one. Something brutally traumatic is usually the root cause. Soon, sorrow gives way to anger. Eventually, anger gives births to violent hate. Hisoka found himself caught in limbo. He still didn't know what he was doing. Kohaku trapped him in an unstable place.

Hisoka wandered down to the train station. He felt cold despite it being summer. He looked up at the clock. The Seiko clock flashed 9:45. The last train was coming soon. The stale air made his head spin.


"Hey kid!" a voice shouted. The boy didn't look up as shadows ate him. Three high school thugs surrounded Hisoka. The leader got in real close to his face.

"Hey kid, I'm talking to you!" he barked. "Look up when someone talks to you." Hisoka kept his eyes to the ground. The leader sneered at him.

"Not talking, huh?" he asked. "Give us all your money!" Hisoka didn’t part his lips.

"He's not talking, boss," one of the thugs said.

"I can see that, you dumbass!" the leader hissed. He turned back to Hisoka with a cold chuckle. "Looks like we'll have to teach our friend here some manners," he boomed.

"Fuck off," Hisoka mumbled. The three thugs turned their attention to him.

"Sorry?" the leader asked in a sarcastic tone.

"I said, fuck off!" Hisoka snapped as he looked up. His eyes looked possessed by the devil. "You will all die!" the look in them seemed to snap. The thugs trembled.

"We're so sorry, buddy," the leader murmured. "Uh… enjoy your night!" The thugs quickly took off. Hisoka slumped against the wall, drained. What did it matter?


The last train finally pulled up at the station. Hisoka boarded like a zombie. His brain seemed disconnected from his body. Kohaku fogged up everything. Hisoka sat with his back against the window. The thin line of sorrow and rage continued to blur quickly.

He loves her, Hisoka. She gets to know his body in ways you'll never understand. She mocks you for it.

Hisoka tightly closed his eyes. When are you going to shut up?

When are you going to stop lying to yourself?

Hisoka froze as he jerked his eyes open. The cold darkness crept over his body. Kohaku's ghost-like hands rubbed on his shoulders.

Hisoka, Hisoka, Hisoka. You have blinded yourself for so long. Tsuzuki will leave you behind with Anna if you keep this up. Wake up, my beautiful boy!

The red in Hisoka's eyes began to smolder. No, that's not true!

Is it?

Hisoka lowered his eyes. Uh… well… He looked down at his lap. His pale hands began to tremble as he swallowed hard. Tsuzuki and Anna kept getting closer and closer every day. His partner always came to work over the moon. It became Anna this, Anna that. All of it kept opening the sore that he had been trying to cover up. She and Kohaku took turns breaking down his heart.

He tried to close his eyes to block out the pain. Instead, Tsuzuki's gentle face filled his mind. Hisoka's heart went into double time. He felt his cheeks flush a light pink. The boy reached out for his partner. Suddenly, the image began to fade. Hisoka's heart quivered in panic.

Tsuzuki! Tsuzuki! TSUZUKI! Not a single sound came out in his inner voice. Tsuzuki faded away further and further. Hisoka's hand dropped in despair. Tsuzuki…

His older partner reappeared. Only, this time he wasn't alone. Tsuzuki and Anna were locked in a sensuous embrace, kissing. Another hole ripped into Hisoka's heart.

Stop, I don't want see anymore!

The kitsune looked at its target like a sweet little child. But you must. See the truth! Unleash your wrath!

Tsuzuki began sliding off Anna's dress. Hisoka yanked open his eyes and found himself back on the train in the darkness. He wheezed as he trembled. Kohaku playfully stroked his hair. The boy flinched away.


Kohaku gave him an innocent look. Why what, Hisoka-kun?

Hisoka’s stomach turned as he clinched his fists in his lap. Why do you do this to me? Kohaku slowly lifted the target's head gave him a twisted smile.

Because, I love you.

Hisoka froze with big eyes. For the first time today, clarity finally broke in his brain. He realized what had to be done. The train would arrive in Nishikyo Ward by morning. Right now, Hisoka had his anger to mate with for the night.