Welcome to Earth


I keep seeing that woman around again. I still don�t know what she wants from me. She never gives me a straight answer. All I can do at the moment is just play along with her games. To be honest, that is starting to get annoying now. But, I don�t know how to get her to stop and get it to sink through to her. I�m at a bit of a loss here.

Today is going to be no different, I can tell. I just don�t know what to say to her.

I headed to school and sure enough, there she was. I don�t understand why she dresses like she�s going to a funeral. She probably won�t answer that one either. I try not to look her way. Maybe she�ll go away if he didn�t pay any attention to her? Worth a try.

I peddled my bike past that woman in hopes of my plan working. I managed to ride past her without a single word. The rest of the day turned out to be rather quiet. Well look at that, my plan might have worked.

Well, not as much as I wanted it to.

I rode my bike home when she jumped out in the pathway with her arms held out wide open. I felt myself jump back, startled. I drew my bike to a screeching halt. She smiled and waved at me.

�Hi!� she cheered at me. I panted hard.

�What the�?!?� I asked. That lady walked up to me. Something in my mind told me to run away, but my feet would not give. She leaned in close to my face and pouted at me.

�You ignored me this morning,� she said. �That wasn�t very nice.� I looked away a bit. That was kind of the point�, I thought.

�Why?� she asked.

�Why what?� I asked.

�Why did little Taro-kun ignore me?� the woman asked. I felt my cheeks burn.

�Please don�t call me that,� I mumbled. She only giggled at me.

�Awww,� she said. �What�s the matter, Taro-kun?�

�Can you please leave me alone?� I asked. �I have to get home.� I moved my bike to ride off around her. But, she grabbed onto my arm as I tried to leave. I quickly turned my head to her.

�Please let me go,� I said. She shook her head at me, smiling.

�Nope,� she said.

�Why?� I asked.

�Talk to me!� the lady exclaimed. I frowned at her. What is it with her? Why can�t she just leave me alone? I have to do something or else I�m going to be stuck here all evening. Quick. Think of something to distract her. I dug around in my head for an answer.

�What about your family?� I just blurted out. I don�t really know what happened there. That lady blinked at me, confused.

�What about them?� she asked. I turned attention straight to her. That worked? I ended up running with that for some reason.

�Yeah,� I said. �Well� what is your mother like?�

�Mother?� she asked.

�That�s right,� I said as I nodded.

�Mother�� she whimpered in a low voice. I looked and noticed that her eyes were welling up. I felt my stomach drop because of it.

�I�m so sorry�� I murmured to her. She just stood there as a tear prepared to roll down her pale cheek. Unable to figure out what to do with her, I found myself slowly backing away to my bike. Before I knew it, I had climbed on and rode off.

Somehow, I think I just made the problem worse.