Chapter Two: Traitor:

His trust was broken; everything about him shattered. Hisoka sat in the back seat, gazing out the window. Tsuzuki and Tatsumi drove him to the psychiatrist ward this morning. Konoe gave him the option. Hisoka could�ve been fired for missing work, severely punished for drug use, and smitten for his ties with Jessie. However, his good work record and Tsuzuki�s pleas spared him such.

�He was in a bad place,� he told the Hakushaku, �This wasn�t like him!�

�But how can you be so sure that this won�t happen again?� the older man asked.

�He needs help!� Tsuzuki insisted, �Don�t ruin him like this!�

�You know,� Hakushaku spoke up, �I�m curious about something.�

Tsuzuki peered at him. �What?� he asked.

The Hakushaku rose to his feet. �Back in October,� he began, �I blew out Kimoto-san�s candle. Funny thing about that was it flared back up on its own. I can�t figure it out.�

Tsuzuki fought to keep his poker face at that question. �I have no idea,� he lied.

Hakushaku had no needed comment to give for that response. Needless to say, the higher-ups decided to be lenient on Hisoka on the condition that he got help and completed it.

Tsuzuki walked around and opened the car door for his partner. �We�re here,� he said in a low voice. Hisoka glared with contempt as he didn�t move.

Tsuzuki already knew what his partner was thinking. �Look,� the older Shinigami told him, �I�m sorry that I didn�t notice your feelings for me. If I had�� Tsuzuki lowered his head, �but this is the least I can do.� Hisoka gave him a cold look as he snorted.

Lies, it was all lies, he thought, You are just a liar! The younger shinigami refused to trust such a beautiful face anymore. He used to love Tsuzuki with all of his being. However, another traitor came along and poisoned that trust. Hisoka�s mouth twitched when an image of Anna came into his mind. Why did he bind her soul to her body?

�Tsuzuki-san!� Tatsumi called up ahead, �Come on, we have to go!� Tsuzuki fought to pull himself together; he nodded with pain in his heart.

�Let�s go,� he said. The shinigami helped Hisoka out of the car. The younger partner clenched his fists.

You betrayed me! I hoped you would love me back! The sliding glass doors welcomed him to his three month Hell. Tsuzuki and Jessie betrayed his trust with lies. Now, he was reduced down to this. Each step to the front desk reminded him of this self-loathing.

They turned me into this! Give me back, all of it!

They walked up to the front desk. Tatsumi did all of the talking to the receptionist. Tsuzuki had his head down the whole time. Hisoka gritted his teeth and swore to himself.

Why am I the one getting punished? This is all her fault.

In his eyes, she had a hand in ruining the trust between him and his partner. Because of her, he ended up pushed to this point. Hisoka looked up and happened to see three patients staring at him from behind the glass of the main activity room. Just by the empty glazed looks in their eyes, he could tell what they were thinking.

Fresh meat!

How long will this one last?

I bet he won�t last long!

Their stares made Hisoka�s blood burn. I hate you, Tsuzuki! I will never forgive you!

Tatsumi filled out the paperwork and signed it. Tsuzuki reluctantly signed the dotted line as well. I�m so sorry, Hisoka; I just want to help you. Just trust me again for this. He knew it was too late right now. Tsuzuki patted Hisoka on the shoulder before leaving with Tatsumi. Hisoka looked back as the nurse took him away.

I hate you, Tsuzuki. I hate everyone!