True Confessions

Dateline: Mitch and Cameron came to Sunshine Village to defeat Nails. Cameron saved Mitch.

    We were walking to the town when Cameron whined: “Mitchell, I’m tired! Can we stop?!?” My first mistake was saying: “Sure, okay. I need one too.” So we stopped into an abandoned wheat field.

My second mistake was letting Cameron off on her own. “I’m going to look for some flowers, Mitchell!” she called out. “Flowers, yeah, okay.” I said drowsily. Then she skipped off. My third and final mistake was falling asleep. I was so tired, that my eyes sank closed.

    I know what you’re thinking! Why is he telling us his mistakes? Well, here’s why: I was sleeping peacefully when I heard screaming. I quickly awoke in shock. I was wondering what that when I remembered…. “Cameron!” I thought. “Oh crap!” Then I leapt up to my feet and started running on her tracks. I ran and ran…….only to find that Cameron wasn’t in sight. All I found was her golden bracelet and a message written out in the mud for me.

    This is what the message said:

    If you want your girlfriend back alive, go to the underworld to save her. On the way into the underworld, confess your love to her.


    This boiled my blood! I didn’t love her and Heri took my best friend! So outraged, I stormed to nearest building for directions to the underworld.

    After convincing the priests to tell me how to get the underworld, (they were scared pale to tell me, even after I explained to them why. It was strange.) I made it to Crow’s field. All I had to do was wait for some crows to fly, and yell out what I wanted. But for how long?

    I waited until the sun was calling it quits. I was about to do the same when I heard a screeching sound above me. I looked up and the sky was black. They were crows! “Here goes nothing!” I thought. So I drew in a mouthful of air and yelled: “TAKE ME TO THE UNDERWORLD!” I probably had yelled that about thirty times. And then, everything went black…..

    When I opened my eyes, I saw… fire. Lots of fire. The whole place was on fire. “The Underworld!” I thought. Then I began walking.
    “My girlfriend! Ha! I don’t love her!” I thought as I walked on. “But then, she’s been nice,…great personality. A great laugh. And a great smile too. A bit whiny and too talkative! But she’s funny, cool, and fun. Plus, she’s a great friend and cute! Especially in pajamas.

    Then it hit me! I’m in love with Cameron! And there was only one thing to do! I shut my eyes, drew in a mouthful of air, and yelled: “I LOVE YOU, CAMERON!”

    With an instant, the ground beneath my feet began to move. “Yes! Take me to her!” I thought as I moved along with the ground.

    “Mitchell!” I heard her voice. I opened my eyes and saw her standing before me. She was wearing a long white silk toga and a dark pink orchid in her hair. “You’re all right!” I yelled. “Yes.” she answered. “Now how do we get out of here?” There is no way out! I’ve trapped you here! You can’t escape!” an eerie voice yelled. A creepy laughed followed. Then bats came flying at us. “Run!” I yelled. Then we took off like speeding bullets with bats at our heads.
    We ran and ran until we ran to the edge of a cliff. Red-hot lava swirled below. “What do we do?!?” Cameron asked in fear. I looked and looked. Finally, I said: “Jump!” “Huh?!?” Cameron yelled. “Just jump!” I yelled. “But we’ll burn to death!” she wailed. “That’s better than being eaten alive! Look! We’ll jump together! Here, hold my hand!” I barked. She thought for a minute, then wailed: “Okay!” “Good! I said. Then I grabbed her hand, she drew in a mouthful of air and we jumped into the fiery lava below.
To Be Continued….