Dark Tunnel

Dateline: Heri kidnapped Cameron and Mitch confessed his love to her and saved her. But a flock of bats attacked them and our child heroes jumped into the lava below.

    “Where are we?” Cameron asked as she looked around. We were in some place where the hills were gold and rolling. Not a single tree was in sight. “You think I know?” I asked as I looked around. Then it hit us! “But… how did we escape?” Cameron asked as she straightened her dark pink orchid in her hair. “I guess the lava carried us out to here.” I said. Then the yellow light began flashing in my pocket. “Huh?!?” I said as I looked down and pulled out my computer.

    When I opened it, a message for me came up. This is what the message said:

    Dear Mitch:

    Your niece has gotten into the fantasy realm! Get her back home before Heri captures her!

    “Oh crap!” I yelled. “What?” Cameron asked me. “Kohana’s here!” I answered. Cameron was stunned. “You’re kidding, right?” she asked. I showed her my computer. She read the message quietly. “I’m coming with you!” said she when she was finished reading. My respond would’ve been ‘no’ but I had to reconsider when I remembered our misadventure in the underworld. So I finally said: “Yeah, okay.” “Then let’s go!” said she. And with that, we were on our merry way.
    According to our directions, we were to go south down Iron Mine, turn left on camel road, then go right on the crossway, take two lefts, then three rights, one left, and keep going south until we reach a red tent.

    We were lost and confused but we tried our best anyway. It felt like days but we finally got the red tent. I lifted back the flap and quietly entered in.

    It was crimson and smelled of cinnamon. I looked around until I heard someone behind me speak: “Young warrior, small and brave, what is it that ye seeks?” I leapt up and turned around in fear. An old wrinkled woman dressed in rags was smiling at me. “Wh… Who are you?” I asked. “I am the magi of the woods.” she answered. So those people sent us to some old hag?!? “They sent you here so that I could guide you to Kohana.” the magi said seriously. I was stunned! I didn’t even part my lips and she knew why we were sent here! “I see all.” she answered. I nodded with my mouth open. “Kohana is in the Ginseng gardens. The way to the gardens is through the dark tunnel and the dark ocean. The tunnel is thirteen miles south from here. You’ll start to notice the tunnel when you feel it. The ocean is nearby.” the old magi explained without pausing for a breath. I nodded as I shook her hand. Then I turned and left in confusion.

    Cameron waited for me outside. “What did they say?” asked she when I came outside. I explained the plan to her. “Okay! Let’s go!” Cameron said cheerfully. Then she marched down south. I just stood there. I didn’t think she got a single word I said. “Well, come on!!!!” she called from a long distance. I nodded and ran to catch up with her.

    As we move closer, I began to bad vibes. Cameron got concerned. “What’s wrong Mitchell?!?!?” she asked me. “We’re here!” I answered. “Huh?!?” she asked. Then the lush green woods changed into a black wasteland. “The dark tunnel!” we both breathed out. “Mitchell, could you hold my hand?” Cameron asked me weakly. “Sure.” I said softly. Then I grabbed her hand and we continued on.
    “What will we see?” Cameron asked. “I don’t know.” I said serenely. Then we heard loud scratching sounds. “What was that?” Cameron asked. “Just keep walking.” I said bravely. Then we looked back and saw a white lion charging at us. “Run!!!!!” I yelled. We took off running like two speeding bullets with a white lion chasing behind us.
    The lion chased us half way through the tunnel. I looked to see……nothing. “Wait!” I yelled. We stopped cold. “Why?!? Don’t you see we have a lion chasing us?!?” Cameron frantically. “Yes, I know. But look.” I said serenely. She obeyed. “Huh?!? Where’s the lion?” asked she. “I don’t know.” I said. The lion came back and this time, there were four lions. We ran screaming like little kids.
    This chase lasted for a long time. When the whole herd was chasing us, something hit me! I turned, pulled out my razor gun, and fired at one of the lions. It turned into glass and broke. Cameron was shocked. “Well help!” I yelled. “Right!” Cameron nodded. Then she pulled out her flower disks and threw them at the lions.

Once our massacre was over, Cameron turned to me and asked: “How do you know?!?” “When I looked back, some of lions were vanishing. So I knew they were fake!” I answered. “Oh.” said Cameron.

    We continued on until we saw a bright light up ahead. “Is it another illusion, Mitchell?” Cameron asked me. “I don’t know.” I answered. Then I pulled out my razor gun and fired at the light. It didn’t disappear. “It’s real!” I yelled. She grew excited. “Well, let’s go!” she yelled. Then before I could speak, she pulled me and we began running towards the light.
To Be Continued….