Tunnel Bridge

He stood over Baby Doll. He grabbed her by her head.

“There someone here from outside, isn’t there?”


He leaned in close to her face. “Don’t fucking lie to me.”

Baby Doll clicked her tongue as she frowned. He frowned at her.


“Bitch!” He took a breath. “That wasn’t smart.” She glared up at him. He cleared his throat.

“Now where are they?”

She wouldn’t give up Masayuki. The angel cut her captive a cold glare. He tried to keep himself together. Displaying anger will not help in this case. Masayuki held his non-existent breath underneath her chair. He got a good look at this captor. A tanned man in a white suit. The smell of cigar smoke and burning garbage made his nonexistent nose curl.

The captor grabbed her by the head. He crushed one clip in her hair. Baby Doll felt a jolt in her body. She let out a loud gasp.

“Where are they?”

She still wouldn’t talk. His hand went for another hairclip.

“Wait!” Botan yelled next door. He turned his head. The other angel sat up in his chair.

“I’m hiding him under my chair,” Botan said with a trembling voice. There was a long pause of silence. The captor turned his head. He walked over to the other angel. Baby Doll held her breath the whole time. She drew her eyes close. Masayuki grabbed onto her ankle. They needed to act now.

That’s when both of them heard Natalia’s message floating through their ears.

“Masayuki, Baby Doll. Can you hear us? Come back to you. We are here waiting for you.”

Baby Doll and Masayuki felt the warmth in their chests. He turned in time to see just what was starting to unfold.