Chapter Twenty-Nine: Unholy:


I: Fire Goddess

After a short nap, I awaken with an awesome idea - I feel like going all out tonight. By the time I hit the shower, the plan is ready. I let it stew until three or so in the afternoon, then decide to fetch up my phone to type a flirty text to Asato-kun:


Hey baby! Feeling naughty. Come play with me! ;)


I smile to myself, hit send and get right to work on my scheme.


I spend quite a while getting ready. But ultimately wind up waiting around nervously until Asato-kun arrives home late in the evening.

“I’m home,” he announces, as he enters the front door rather upbeat.

“I’m in the bedroom,” I call out to him.

I silently count the footsteps as he pads down the hallway. My heart races picturing what might happen next. When the door slides open, I'm waiting for him by the futon.

“Here I come,” Asato-kun whispers.

Instead of waiting for him, I stroll over to the door and greet him properly.

A slight smile flits across his face. “Oh, angel,” he says. “Did you fall from heaven?”

I gently shake my head. “No,” I answer. “I was sent here for you.”


“That’s right.”

“Have a name, my beautiful angel?”

“Yes... Kimoto. Tsuzuki. Anna.”

I put up two fingers. They glow with the spell I chant in my head. With three flicks of my wrist, flames light tiny candles on the floor, surrounding us in a lustrous warm glow.

Asato-kun’s nose begins to bleed as he stares lustily at me in the lilac mesh teddy I’ve chosen for tonight.

The flower pattern on my teddy draws in his eyes. “What do you think?”

“How did you do the fire tricks?” Asato-kun asks.

I wrap my arms around his neck and lick his ear and whisper: “I’ll have to show you sometime,”

I give him a sweet little kiss and find him rather happy give in.


II: Say My Name

Tsuzuki looks me in the eyes, and wonders aloud: “What would you like to do this evening, my angel?”

“I want you to worship and adore me. Make me feel like a goddess!”

He kisses me as he gives his reply. “Yes, m’lady. Your wish is my command.”

He takes me to our futon and gently lays me down.

I look at him hungrily. When his hands reach for the sheer skirt of my gown, all I can think about is how much I want him inside me. Oh, please! Don't make me beg! Just take me!

My panties are the first thing to go.

“Spread your legs for me, my goddess,” he commands.

My eyes darken with lust at the sound of his voice. Suddenly I want to give him anything he asks for. I willingly part my knees for him, but pout as I lie in front of him.

“What's that look about, Anna?”

“Hmm… You look a bit overdressed.”

He put a finger to my lips, and shakes his head. “Patience, my dear.”

He loosens the knot in his tie, pulls it off impatiently, and throw it over his shoulder.

“How much do you want me?” Asato-kun teased, with a raised brow.

“So much. Please, don't make me beg you.”

He slides his fingers between my thighs as he speaks. I feel tiny electric shocks race up my spine, and I can feel myself getting wet.


“Do you mean it?” he asks.

My breath quickens as his fingers travel slowly upwards toward my moistening core.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” I beg.

“Prove it,” Asato-kun commanded in a husky seductive tone.

He flashes a devilish grin as he unbuttons his shirt. The sight of his toned torso makes me want to pounce on him.

He sees my hungry expression, and his eyes tell me that he's enjoying the thought of torturing his goddess. Maybe a little too much.


His shirt joins my panties on the bedroom door.


III: Desire

Desire walked into her forest as the sun rose. As she walked, lotus flowers blossom as she strides along her path. Red leaves mingle with cherry blossom petals and flutter gracefully to the forest floor. But, neither could compare to the elegant beauty of her flowing red robes. Her ornate red hairpiece and parasol complete her overpowering radiance. There's a reason this woman is called “Desire”.

Desire’s little humming bird companions flew to her dainty hands. A warm smile lit her beautiful face.

“Perfect,” she told her precious pets. “Go now, and share your love to those yearning to be loved.”

Desire lifted her head and waved her pets away. The humming birds formed a heart shape as they took flight.

The oldest grace began chanting her spell to the Goddess Hedone.



Asato-kun licks my juices from his fingers and chuckles lewdly as he looks at me.

“My, oh my,” he purrs. “I just love how you taste.”

I pant as rivulets of sweat run down my chest, and dampen my teddy.

“You look a little hot,” Asato-kun tells me. “Here, let me help you, my love.”

His hands drift up my torso and roll my teddy off my shoulders. I'm feeling exposed to him now. I try to cover my breasts, but he grabs my wrists, and pins my hands together.

“That won’t do,” he says. “Don't hide yourself from me, my beautiful wife. We’ve just begun to play.”

Asato-kun unzips his trousers, and it doesn’t take long for them to join the rest of our clothes beside the futon in a crumpled heap.

He wasn't joking when he’d said we were just getting started. Because, before I knew it -he had crawled up the bed and placed his head between my legs.


IV: Love

Love awoke to the sound of a flute playing in her room.

The Grace saw her hand maiden standing over her, smiling. The faint morning sun gave her light green robes a playful glimmer.

The handmaiden greeted her mistress. “Good morning,” she smiled.

She was a petite woman, and was wearing a robe with a black floral pattern at the neck. Her shiny gold and jade headpiece added to her bubbly charm.

“Sleep well?” the handmaiden asked.

“Yes. I feel rested and refreshed,” Love replied, as she sat up and turned to face her beloved aide. “What time is it, my dear?”

“Half eight. You were sleeping so soundly. I didn't have the heart to wake you, madam,” the handmaiden explained.

Love’s face flooded with shock. “Oh no! I’m going to be late!”

The Grace leapt out of bed and scurried for her dressing room. Another handmaiden in an orange kimono awaited her there. Her sole occupation was tending to Love’s extensive wardrobe and acting as her dresser. When Love arrived at the doorway of her dressing room, her assistant was perfectly prepared, holding a purple kimono for her mistress.

“Did you oversleep again, Madam?” she inquired. Head suitably lowered in deference to her mistress.

“I did, so sorry! I know how much you like to have time to prepare me properly. I’ll do better tomorrow. Promise.”

“Please hurry, madam. Mustn’t be late,” the handmaiden suggested, with great urgency.

“We're going as quickly as we possibly can, thank you, dear” Love chided defensively, as she allowed her dresser to hastily prepare her for the day.



Asato-kun sat up, licking his lips at me as if he’d devour me in two bites. I'm trying valiantly to catch my breath when I look up at him, and he smirks at me knowingly just before he slides off his boxers.

“You taste good, but I bet you feel even better.”

He climbs on top of me, and pins me to the futon with his hips. “I want you, Anna-chan. Do you want me too?”

“Yes!” I scream. “I love you, Tsuzuki. I want you inside me so much that I’m almost aching for you!”

He circles his arms around me, and kisses me on the neck.


I'm melting inside.


V: Ecstasy

Being a child of the Graces is rather complex. Their daughter Ecstasy is nothing, if not complex. She's grown to be beautiful as she is frightening.

On the outside she looks almost ordinary, but beneath her favorite blue silk kimono lurks a fearsome black dragon tattoo across her shoulders.

If people saw the great dragons on her skin, many might be afraid to approach her.


Ecstasy awaits naked on her bed. She smiles like a cat at her lover.

“You ready for me?” she asks.

An older violet-eyed man smiles back at her. “Yes, my darling.”

Their love games begin with a passionate kiss. They tumble, explore and play until both are fully sated.


VI: Three Graces

I am loved. Tsuzuki holds me tenderly in his arms, quietly reminding me that I am a goddess. However, we cannot sleep just yet. The evening hasn't ended, and we still have to bond tonight.


Somewhere in heaven, all three Graces prepare for the great feast for their mistress.