Chapter Eighteen: Unravel:


Just before three, it started to snap for Anna. Her phone buzzed again. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Aren’t you going to answer that?” Jotaro asked. She clinched her teeth.

“No,” she said. Her phone buzzed.

“Could be important,” Jotaro said.

“It’s not,” Anna said. Her phone buzzed again. She saw the look on Jotaro’s face. The woman threw back her head and groaned.

“Fine,” she said. Anna pulled out her phone.

“Hello?” she asked as she walked the opposite way.

“Anna-chan!” Tsuzuki said.

“Asato-kun. Hey,” Anna said in a low voice.

“Are you okay? Where are you?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” she whispered. “I can’t stay on long.”

“What’s wrong? He hasn’t hurt you, has he?”

“No. Please stop calling. I am fine. I will come home soon. I promise.”

“Where are you? Please! Talk to me! Come home! I’m worried about you.”



Anna hung up. She took a breath. This just got harder. The woman rubbed her forehead. Anna turned and walked back to Jotaro. She’d have to deal with Tsuzuki later. Jotaro looked up as she approached him.

“Well?” he asked. Anna broke into a huge grin.

“Good,” she said. “It’s all good. Let’s go!” Anna walked by him. Jotaro shrugged and followed her.



Tsuzuki lowered his phone. His heart sank.

“We’ve got it!” Watari shouted. The shinigami hurried over to the computer.

“Where?” Tsuzuki asked. The blonde scientist grinned.

“Here,” he said. Watari showed them the map.

“Kabukicho?” Tsuzuki asked. “We have to get there now!” He headed out the door.

“Wait! Tatsumi said. The older shinigami turned his head.

“We can’t charge in blindly,” Tatsumi pointed out.

“But my wife is in danger!” Tsuzuki said.

“I am awake of that,” his former partner said. “We do need to save her. But rushing in won’t help.” Tsuzuki frowned.

“But…” he said.

“You aren’t going alone,” Hisoka said.

“We need a plan,” Tatsumi added. “Going in now won’t help.” Tsuzuki dropped his shoulders.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “What’s the plan?” This would have to do for now.



Here they were. Anna and Jotaro stood in front of the closed down bathhouse. The glass was cracked and the out of business sigh about fell off. The building looked like it had seen better days.

“Here?” Anna asked.

“Yes,” Jotaro said. He grabbed her wrist and vanished with her. They appeared in the entrance to the basement. The quest was about over. Then, her phone buzzed again.

“What the…?” Anna asked. By now, Jotaro had his eyes locked on her.

“Your husband?” he asked. She pressed her lips together.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding. The boy raised his eyebrow.

“What?” Anna asked.

“He really doesn’t know, does he?” Jotaro asked. She lowered her head. No point in lying now.

“No,” Anna admitted. “I lied about the situation.” The former heir gave her a strange look.

“What did you tell him?” he asked. She took a breath and told him everything.


“You bitch!” Jotaro yelled. “You told them I kidnapped?!”

“What else could I do?” Anna asked. “He already despises you. It would be nasty if he learned I went willingly with you.” The formed heir glared at her.

“I trusted you,” he said.

“You still can! I want to help you,” Anna said. She tried to touch his shoulder, but Jotaro backed off.

“Whatever,” he muttered. The boy walked over to the locker section.

“Jotaro-kun!” Anna shouted.

“Come on!” he shouted. “Let’s get this over with!” The woman reluctantly followed behind. Ten minutes later, Jotaro found locker fifty-five.

“This is it,” the former heir said. He turned to Anna.

“After this, we go our separate way, you hear me?” he asked.

“What will you do then?” Anna asked. Jotaro frowned.

“I will manage,” he said. “That’s what I have been doing after all.”

“You don’t have to…” Anna said.

“I do,” he said. “Don’t talk me out of it,”


“Don’t talk me out of it.”

She drew her mouth closed. He dropped his shoulders.

“Thank you,” Jotaro said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the key. The former heir unlocked the small locker in front of them. When that door opened, that quest was over.