Water Grass

I: Outside the City:

Action isn�t always in the Factory, you know. The outside can be just as fun. Tokyo is split into two parts now. The Factory is in the �neo� part of Tokyo. Today, we are touring the �simple� part of the city.

Fourteen-year-old Conrad Bridges stood near the bus stop waiting. Three o�clock now. They should be here any minute now. Conrad looked at his watch. He always did this every day! Why? Duty. Nothing more, nothing less! All about duty! That�s all there was to it. They should be here any moment now�

Just as expected, a red and white electro-bus pulled up to the station. Conrad looked up as the doors opened wide. A flood of people got off the bus. The boy watched on at all of them. He waited until the last two people got off. Simon and a girl named Yamaguchi Kei looked at their friend. Simon came from Giha Village to go to school in �Simple� Tokyo. He still hadn�t adjusted to city life yet. But lucky for him, Kei and Conrad were there to help him survive.

Speaking of Kei, she wasn�t a Tokyo native either. She came all the way from Kyoto. She too came to �Simple� Tokyo to go to school. Conrad looked at his friends and smiled.

�So?� he called. �Ready to go?�

�Yeah!� Simon and Kei answered.

�Okay,� their friend replied. �Let�s go!� The three fourteen-year-olds left the bus station for home.

II: The Indigo Kids:

Andy had the itch again. He needed some new talent. Not for art or acting, though. Andy had his eyes on music. Yes, that�s right! Andy wanted to produce music as well. So, on with the talent search again. He knew just where to look as well. So, on with the talent search again. He knew just were to look as well.

The man took a trip to Aristotle�s Caf�. Andy was a famous regular. He always came here to scout out for rising stars. Today was a special mission. He couldn�t have picked a better day too. Tonight was Indie night. Great for Andy! Indie music always produced gold. The boss entered Aristotle�s Caf� like he owned the place (Might as well have. The whole staff practically idol-worshipped the guy)!

The night started off normal. Andy came in like a king. The hostess greeted him happily. He patted her on the head and kissed her on the cheek. She showed him to his usual spot at the bar near the stage. Andy took his seat and enjoyed the show. The bar tender served him cherry sake all night as the bands played. So far, nothing struck his fancy. The bands all seemed the same to him. But, Andy knew better. The treasure was coming soon.

The last band of the night came on. They played an original song of theirs. Andy listened on intently. The music peeked his interest. It produced a sound hard to explain. It was a mix of� punk, psychedelic, hard rock, and pop. Whatever it was, Andy just had to have it.

After the show, the man came backstage. He found the band packing up. Andy walked over to them causally. The boys looked up at him. The front man stepped forward.

�Can we help you?� he asked.

�Great song,� Andy told him.

�Thanks,� the front man replied. The artist looked him up and down for a moment.

�What�s your name?� Andy asked.

�Ryan,� the front man replied. �Ryan Moon.� Andy gave him a little smile.

�Come by the Factory,� he told him. �I really your playing.� He turned and walked away. Ryan and his band mates stood there staring on.

�Uh�� Ryan said out loud. Once again, Andy caught another one in his charming net. The Indigo Kids finally had a label.

III: The Diva and the Digger:

Simon was walking home from school when he met her. Emily went to �Simple� Tokyo to buy curry for dinner. Simon stared on at her. Emily looked so gorgeous for her age. She had her deep red hair cut like a boy�s. The mini white cut-off skirt and black halter top with golden sandals made her look a little mature for her age. Overall, the girl looked cute. Simon looked on at her in wonder and confusion. What is a pretty little rich girl doing down here in �Simple� Tokyo? Simon decided to investigate. He walked over to this foreign girl.

Emily looked up and saw a short blue-haired boy walking towards her. She admired him for a bit. Simon was a cutie; she had to admit. But, he looked so innocent. Maybe this could be fun. Simon made it over to her.

�H-Hi!� the boy stammered out red faced. Emily smiled at him boldly.

�Hello,� she replied. �And you are?� Simon froze up again. He could barely speak. She really put him on the spot. He had to say something or look stupid.

�S-Simon!� he blurted out. Emily smiled at him.

�Nice to meet you, Simon,� she replied. �I�m Emily, Emily Bellman.�

�Hi�� Simon trailed off. Emily turned around to him.

�You�re pretty cute!� she announced. Simon blushed.

�R-Really? You mean it?� he asked. Emily nodded, but then she held up her hand.

�But,� she spoke again. �We could never be.� Simon looked at her puzzled.

�Why?� he asked. Emily shrugged at him.

�Because,� she replied. �You�re too much of a good boy. I�ll only break your heart in the end. And besides�� She walked over to her prey. Simon�s face turned bright red with each step. Emily came within inches of the digger. She leaned in close to his ear.

�I like boys with money!� she whispered. Simon stood there in frozen despair. Emily had just shot him down.

�Bellman-san!� the cook at the curry booth called. She turned, walked to the booth, and got her food. Emily looked back at Simon as she left.

�See ya,� she told him. Then, the heiress was gone. However, their little games had only begun.

IV: Green Secret:

Can I tell you something? My aunt deals pot to the city to make ends meet. Simon and Kei don�t know this. I try to keep it from them. I wonder how long they would be friends with me if they learned the truth. I try not to think about it. But, it�s not my fault. It all fell out before me. Let me explain.

My mom is in prison for drug possession and the attempted murder of her boyfriend. I was six at the time. I ended up living with my aunt and cousin. Not so easy for me there! My aunt is worse than Hitler! It�s a prison there. I cannot escape. Where could I go? I�m only fourteen and still in school. So, I can�t do much. Just live with my aunt, sell and supply pot with her, and hope Simon and Kei don�t find out my secret. *Gulp* That�s going to leave a mark.

V: The Indigo Kids and Jenny:

Andy signed on Ryan and his bad right away. The Indigo Kids began their recording. It sounded� decent. The music needed some work. But what? Andy took some time to think about. The answer hit him right away.

The second day of recording began the improvements. First, Ryan had to step away from the mic. A young Factory Star named Jenny Cooper took his place at the vocals. A little odd, but it slowly came together at the end. Andy liked the single production. Ryan and the boys weren�t sure about having an outsider singing with them. It had always been just them. This could ruin the system they had established.

But to everyone�s surprise, it all worked perfectly. Their single, �Coke Girl,� raced up the charts. The Indigo Kids couldn�t believe it. For years, they tried to score a record deal. Everywhere they turned, they ended up being laughed out in the face. But now, the future played in their favor. Much more� MUCH MORE!

VI: Japanese Princess:

Yamaguchi Kei lived like a princess. This Kyoto native came from a rich family. Kei�s mother died when she was only four. So, the girl was raised by her strict father and serious older sister. It was all good and easy at first. Just do as she was told with no complaints what so ever. It all worked out fine.

But by age fourteen, Kei couldn�t take it anymore. She had to get away. The only way she could was through school. Kudo Haku Academy became the answer. This school got high marks across the board in Tokyo. Kei really wanted to go for her independence (and grades). However, Papa Yamaguchi didn�t approve. He wanted his daughter to stay in Kyoto. They battled back and forth about it for days and days and days. Kei finally won out in the end.

So, here she was in Tokyo going to Kudo Haku Academy for school. Papa Yamaguchi pair for everything. He even set her up in a posh apartment in �Simple� Tokyo due to the school and dorms being co-ed. Nothing naughty for her! The man saw to that! However, a new school and surroundings weren�t enough anymore.

Kei developed a curiosity for the naughty things in life. That can�t be good for a girl mostly sheltered for her life. Lucky for her, her friends, Simon and Conrad, are there to protect her and keep her out of trouble. But that can only hold for so long�

VII: Jenny + Ryan:

The Indigo Kids not only gained a new sometimes-member to their band, but Ryan also gained a fianc�e. It happened on the first night that band started recording their debut album. They all were taking a break. Ryan went into the bathroom to rinse his face. He had expected too much for tonight. Just work, dinner, home, and bed. But then, a curve bump came!

Ryan looked up when he heard the bathroom door close. The front man looked up to see Jenny staring at him. She looked pretty attractive close up. Her pepper blonde hair wind down to her waist. Her bangs looked really fluffy on her forehead. Her eyes looked narrowed and golden honey-colored. Tiny and healthy woman indeed. Even in casual attire she looked like a model. Ryan looked her up and down for a moment.

�Yes?� he asked. Jenny stepped forward to him.

�Marry me!� she demanded in her sexy Polish accent. Ryan looked at her shocked and confused.

�WHAT?!?� he asked.

�Let�s get married!� Jenny offered again.

�Why?� Ryan asked.

�Because,� she replied. �I love you! Please marry me!� What could he say to the woman? They just met three weeks ago and now she wants to marry him. Bizarre, he knew. But, Jenny seemed so strong and demanding to him about marriage. How could he let her down easily?

�Look,� Ryan spoke up. �We just met. It�s too early for marriage. Can we at least go on a date first?� Jenny thought about that for a moment.

Then she said. �Fine, a date and then marriage!�

�Okay�� he answered with a sickness to his stomach. He had a bad feeling about this. But, he couldn�t turn back now. She wouldn�t let him. This could only lead to trouble.

VIII: Inside and Out:

�Simple� and �Neo� Tokyo. Two different sisters that need each other so much. They have both lived separate lives. But thanks to Andy and the Stardust Factory, that�s all about to change. For better and worse�

Black Star