Welcome to Heaven


The red light from the sun through my curtains glowed on my face. I grumbled to myself as I drew my eyes open. Too bright!, my mind screamed.

My eyes trailed over to the wall near the door. All seventy-one pictures of Baby Doll made me smile. Oh, she�s such a dear. She�s trying to find the people who killed her.

�Why?� I asked her one day. She shrugged at me.

�Give my grandma piece of mind, I guess,� she said. I nodded a bit.

�I guess,� I said. �But, what do you plan to do with them after you find them?� She gave me a blank look on her face.

�I don�t know�� she said. �Make the police do something about them.�


�Um� Um��

I smiled and patted her on the arm. She looked up at me.

�Must be nice to have your memories like that,� I said. She raised an eyebrow at me.

�What do you mean?� she asked.

�You see,� I said. �After you are signed into Heaven, they take away your memories from your life on earth.�

�No,� she murmured. I nodded at her.

�It is true,� I said.

�Buy why?�

�They went us to be the perfect little tool for God.�

Baby Doll shook her head at me. �That�s terrible.�

�But, that�s how it is.�

�Then, what should I do?�

�Enjoy your memories while you still can.�

Baby Doll lowered her head. �That sucks.�

�Yes, I know,� I said. I wasn�t lying about any of it either. I can�t remember anything before I became an angel. I don�t remember my family, home, school, friends, or anything. Himeko told me not to worry about it.

�What�s so fun about the past, anyway?� she asked. �Just live in the moment and enjoy the hell out of it.� Usually, she just handles the rest of bullshit on a plate. But there are those things that she actually takes me something useful. However for extended measures, I take photos every single day. My cell phone and camera are jacked full of photographs.

Speaking of cell phone�

My little phone buzzed on my nightstand. I reached over and picked it up.

�Hey there sexy,� I said as my lips curved into a smile. �Dreaming about me last night? ... Ooo! � Say, are you doing anything time? ...  Sweet. � Meet up at our usual place? � No problem. � See you there at nine. � Love ya, bye.� I held the phone to my chest as I smiled. I opened my eyes as I looked at my clock and I remembered.

�Oh crap,� I said. I leapt out of bed and got ready for the morning.