Chapter nine: The White Room

    “This search is getting me nowhere!” yelled Travis as he looked through his cube. “ *Sigh* But I just can’t give up!” So he got back to work.
    The hot lights woke Davis up. He looked around and saw…. white. “How where am I?” he thought. Then he saw Sunshine in a corner. So he walked over to her asked: “Sunshine, where are we?” But before she could answer, a loud familiar voice came over the intercom. “You’re in my white room prison! And you won’t be able to escape!!!” it said. “Yuri?!?” asked Davis. “Smart boy! And try using any powers or you’ll end up being zapped!!!” she answered. Then she laughed as she turned out the intercom. “Oh no!” said Davis. Then he looked and saw that his future wife, Veemon, Aneko, and the other new digi-destined and their digimon were in the prison as well. “Hey guys! How did you get in here?” he asked them. “I don’t know.” said Takeru. “I know.” said Sunshine in a soft voice. Everyone turned and looked at her. “How?” asked Cody. The little girl explained how her family was on a picnic by the shore when a helicopter came and took her to this white room. “And you’ve been here since.” asked Davis. Sunshine nodded. “Ah, I see.” said Davis. The crew went silent for a minute. “Well, I’m not staying any longer!” yelled Aneko. The others eyed her. “Rising su…” the princess began as she started her attack. But the others grabbed her quickly. “Stupid! Didn’t you listen to the woman!” yelled Davis. “Any powers will zap us!” exclaimed Cody. “I know.” sighed Aneko. But then she came up with a great idea. “Could you guys unhand for a second?” she asked them nicely. They complied. “Uh why?” asked Takeru. “I’ll show you dear.” she said to her love. Then she closed her eyes and started to meditate. Once she had enough strength, said she: “Beat this, Yuri!” The others were shocked. “Rising Sun!!!” yelled the princess. The powerful light bomb ate through the material of the walls and blasted a hole through the ceiling. “Whoa!” yelled Davis. They looked and saw Aneko in an angel like form. “Grab onto me! I’ll get you out of here!” said she. The crew listened to her and they grabbed onto her quickly. Sunshine grabbed on tightly to Davis. Then Aneko flew away through the hole. Yuri screamed in rage as she watched our friends fly away to freedom. After their flight, they Sunshine out at home and flew away. Then everything went black again….