Who Does Andy Love?

I: The Man Himself:

There is so sex among the Factory stars. However, no one sees Andy doing it. For years, everyone debated on his sexual orientation. Most thought he was asexual. Ian all but laughed at that notion.

�He�s gay,� he insisted. However, not many people saw him with a man or a woman. A small number suggested that Andy could be married to his work. Probably that could be the best way to describe it. Still, that�s not really a satisfactory answer. Thus, the game goes on.

Ophelia claimed that Andy only loved her. Again, Ian tried not to laugh.

�Why would he ever like a skinny little weed like you?� he asked. Ophelia glared at him with the look of Satan in her eyes.

�What did you say?!� she snapped.

�You heard me,� Ian said, flicking out his cigarette on the roof. �You are a spoiled little weed.�

�Take that back!� the model snapped.

�Not a chance,� Ian said, laughing. He didn�t stop as Ophelia flailed with her hits on his arm.

Despite all of this, Andy has had lovers in the past. Most of them, surprised, were men.

II: Ian:

Ian and Andy still have a creative and sexual relationship. They pretty much feed off of each other. Their bond could be described as an on-off one. Even during their �off� moments, Ian secretly gloated to himself that


He�s the one who first got me out of the closet. Originally, I was the bisexual, mostly gay, guy that hid in the corner of the bar. That all changed when Andy came along and seduced me to his hotel room.

Ever since then, I am proud of who I am. I continue with my art because of him. We aren�t together all of the time, but the times that we are feel divine. I could get lost in him for days and days.

My mother can�t accept what I am, but I don�t care. She my pout and try to set me up with a woman, but it won�t work. I�m still she�ll come around one day. If not, oh well. She�s going to have to get with the time.

However, I know that I am not the only one�

III: Justin:

Andy seems to attract men from Britain. Justin was no exception to the rule. It didn�t take long for the artist/director to draw him in. This time, Andy went to Manchester for an exhibition. His taxi got to the building too early, so he decided to take a little tour of the city while he still had time. He met this lover in a trendy caf�.


I still blush at the thought of him. I used to only date women. Andy changed all of that on the day that I met him. I remember that afternoon so well too.

I was waiting for my girlfriend for our date on that Saturday. She was running late at the time. I thought about giving her another call when I heard someone ask, �Excuse me, is this seat taken?� I lifted my head to see this strange, but beautiful man looking at me through dark sunglasses.

�Uh� no,� I said.

�Thanks,� this man said. He dragged the third chair from the table and walked across the room. For some reason, I couldn�t take my eyes off of him. At first, I thought that I had seen him from somewhere. A magazine? The internet? Even when my girlfriend showed up, I couldn�t take my eyes off of that stranger that asked for the chair. I know it sounds weird, but he had that effect on everyone.

Usually, I identified as straight. I mostly still am today. It�s just� I don�t know how to put it. I think I might be gay for Andy. Yes, that is the best way to describe it. Anyway, it didn�t take much for him to have me. On the date with my then-girlfriend, he happened to notice me looking at him. I quickly ducked my head down to the menu.

�Babe, what�s wrong?� my girlfriend asked. I quickly shook my head.

�I�m fine,� I lied. �I just need to go to bathroom.� I bolted from my chair and headed over to the men�s room. I didn�t expect him to follow me there.

However, I know that I am not the only one�

IV: Palo:

Andy doesn�t see nationality in his lovers. Palo from Spain is the perfect example of this. Art and passion can be driving forces in love. Andy and Palo have known each other for years. They happened to cross paths in the art world.


His modern art is one reason I fell in love with him. I can�t exactly describe it. Just like the man himself, his art is powerful. I feed off of him for my own inspiration. Andy doesn�t mind because he doesn�t the same thing that he does.

Art and sex are one in the same. Andy was the one to show me this. I am happy to say that I agree with him. After we make love, my inspiration for art comes to life. I only get to see Andy twice a year, but the wait is worth it. By then, my skills have grown sharper. I hope to one day surpass him.

Andy will be coming to Spain in two weeks time. We will meet up in our usual hotel. I already made the booking and everything. We have a private room that overlooks the beach. The sounds outside put me at ease from the bed. I can almost feel myself there now.

However, I know that I am not the only one�

V: Jean:

Andy also goes for French men. Jean knows this too well. Naturally, he and Andy met in a bar in France. Jean was more a proud queen. In the beginning, he wasn�t too lucky with love. The man was about to give up when Andy came in just in time. That night became a magical one for him.


I was so tired of sex all the time. Everyone in my hometown practically used me to the point I didn�t care. I just wanted to be alone. I went to the bar that night hoping to accomplish that. I didn�t expect to run into him minutes later.

�What�s a pretty man like you doing frowning over your drink like that?� I heard someone ask to my left. I gritted my teeth, ready to tell him off, but when I looked up, all of my anger faded away. His shades drew me deep into the mystery that surrounded him.

�Uh�� was all I could say that night. I don�t really know how to explain what happened next. All I can say is that one conversation led back to his hotel room. Now, we didn�t sleep together that night. He didn�t even offer me sex. When I woke up, I had on all of my clothes, but all of these lilies surrounded me.

From then on, we kept up a long-distance relationship. Andy didn�t treat me like I was some toy to be played with. He actually made me feel like a person. I can�t wait to see him again. Andy�s coming to Paris for a film festival. My heart raced when I heard the news.

However, I know that I am not the only one�

VI: Choi:

Andy�s known all over the underground. Choi has never met someone as charismatic as the artist himself. He still doesn�t know how to deal with him. Every time Andy comes around, the drag game struggles to keep up with his/her lover before the night is over.


He comes in every Friday night. Everyone loves Andy at the Royal Queen. However, he only requests me. I can�t figure this guy out. He�s got this weird charm that grabs me and never lets me go. To be truthful with you, it kind of annoys me. Yet, I don�t know how to quit him.

Andy�s pretty much a good guy to me. He buys my drinks and smokes. We don�t have sex, but he likes to draw images of my face. I don�t really understand what he wants with me. If it isn�t sex, than what does he want?

Still, I don�t know how to quit him. His art and kind gestures say that they love me. I don�t have any high expectations from him. However, Andy is not like the other men that I have slept with. I don�t know how to explain it, but I think I�m in love with the guy. It�s dangerous for me to feel this way, but I can�t help it.

However, I know that I am not the only one�

VII: Any Ladies?:

Are there any ladies in Andy�s love life? Ophelia claims to be the only woman in his life, but they believe that she�s just trying to get attention. Nobody has really seen him with a lady. Sure, Andy�s semi-dating a drag queen, but no �real� women.

Maybe he is gay�

VIII: All of His Lovers:

All of his lovers, but we only covered a handful today. There will be more coming up soon. You can bank on that, pals!

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