I: Virgin Mission:

Kei decided to pick up on her mission again. She looked at her list again on Saturday morning.

Baiko (Maybe)
Brian (Yes!)
Akihito (Oh hell yes!)
Conrad (Maybe)
Setsuna (Only if desperate enough)
Dayu (See Setsuna)
Joe (Maybe to desperate)
Eiichi (See Joe)
Hideki (Maybe, but leaning towards yes)
Yusuke (Maybe)

Not much of a selection here. Two guys were a definitely. (A third one was crawling towards yes, but slowly.) Three guys that she might consider doing. Two that seem that like a last resort, a very last resort. Two were sliding towards the desperate pile. And four were rejected. Kei lied back on her bed and sighed. This was not working. Losing your virginity was supposed to be easy, right? So why couldn�t she find the right one to do it with. Four candidates out, ten more to go. Who do I go with now?

She picked up her phone and dialed a number that she got yesterday morning. The other line rang.

�Hello?� a boy�s voice asked. Kei�s eyes glided to the ceiling.

�Yusuke?� she asked.

�Yamaguchi-chan, you called back,� he said, sounding excited.

�You doing anything this evening?�

�No, why?�

Kei quickly sat up on her bed. �I want you to meet me out in Neo-Tokyo tonight!�


�It�s a date, silly! Interested?�


The 9 Records princess giggled. �Good, I�ll see you at seven. Bye.�


They both hung up. Kei fell back on the bed, smiling. Yamada Yusuke was not the brightest guy in the school, but he did look kind of cute. Finally, this mission could get off the ground again.

II: Emily�s Thing for Simon:

Southern California charm. Emily was used to having things her way. Money, big parts in movies, parties, drugs, men. She just had to have it. So far, Emily�s way had successfully followed her to Japan. The heiress was enjoying the attention showered on her. However, there was one strong feature that had her attention since day one.

Simple blue-haired boy destined for great things. Simon already had a stable girlfriend. He didn�t really think much about the wile party life. Emily� Well� Whoa� Kind of hard to say really. She didn�t seem to care that he already had a girlfriend. But yet, the heiress didn�t fully pursue him either. She just toyed with him in an inappropriate manner. This all drove him to try and hide whenever he saw the wild heiress.

Usually, that worked. But today took a different turn. Simon took Nia out to the mall this Saturday morning. She wanted to go back to the Lolita dress store Kei had showed her.

�They had such pretty clothes,� Nia told him. Simon just gave her a little smile.

�Anything you like,� he replied as they walked into the mall, hand-in-hand. The boy sat on the bench as his girlfriend went into the store. Simon�s eyes quickly looked around. No sight of her today. Maybe she won�t show up. This could actually be a safe shopping trip for a change.

�Hello Simon,� a voice purred in his ear from behind. Simon�s body felt ice cold as he sat frozen in place. His eyes shifted over to see a pearly white grin flashing at him. He swallowed hard.

�Emily!� he yelped.

III: Late Night in the Art Studio:

Late night at the Orange Jazz studio. Pandora stood over the scattered pages of her portfolio. The girl shook her head. The professor expected this to be due in the morning? The freshman hung her head.

Is she mental?, Pandora thought. But, she was in position to complain. She did sign up to go here after all. Might as well do the work. Pandora messed with her hair as she breathed out again.

�What a job!� she mumbled loudly. Suddenly, her ears caught the sound of the front door closing. Pandora looked behind her.

�Who�s there?� she asked.

�It�s only me,� an Irish accent waved through the dark. Pandora turned completely around with a puzzled look on her face. Hunter came through the entrance and gave her a little smile.

�Hey,� he said. The English girl blinked.

�Hunter?� she asked. �What are you doing here?�

�I came to see you,� he replied.

�Why?� the lass asked. Hunter gave her a little shrug.

�Just wanted to see you,� he replied.

�Okay�� his crush remarked. The Irish man looked over her shoulder.

�What are you doing out here?�

�Oh, just working on a portfolio for class.�

�Can I see?�

�It�s not finished.�

�Well, show me what you have so far.�

Pandora hesitated at first. She bit her lower lip. �Okay�� She turned to her designs. Hunter walked over for a look.

�Impressive,� he said. Pandora�s cheeks became a soft cotton candy pink.

�R-Really?� she asked.

�Uh-huh,� Hunter murmured. He gently clutched his crush by the waist. Pandora looked up at him, startled.

�W-What are you doing?!?� she exclaimed. Hunter snuggled close to her neck and nuzzled it.

�Can�t you see?� he asked.

�See what?� the prey asked. Hunter breathed deeply into her hair.

�I�m trying to seduce you here, lass.�


�Because I want you.�

�But I�m with Evan.�

�I know that. But what�s wrong with a little fun here and there?� He softly licked her on the ear. Pandora felt her cheeks redden as her heart pounded.

IV: Kei�s Date:

At seven o�clock, Yusuke waited for Kei in the park. He was dressed up rather nicely. The boy held a bouquet of mums in his hand. He was expecting a movie or dinner tonight. Yusuke even bought the tickets and everything.

�Hey there!� he heard the princess yelling out to him. Yusuke looked up in excitement. His face drained of all color when he saw his date. Kei had on a tight deep red dress that came up to her thighs. The thin material clung to her developing chest and revealed an equally developing cleavage. Her red kitten heels tapped along the pavement. Her date stared on with blank eyes. Kate made it over to him.

�Hiya,� she said. The heiress gave him a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose. �How are you?� Yusuke�s face turned a light shade of red.

�Uh� G-G-G-Goo!� he yelped. His date giggled.

�You�re so cute!� she said. Yusuke tried to calm himself down.

�So, where you do want to go?� he asked. Kei turned to him with a wicked grin on her face.

�Follow me!� she commanded. Then, the girl grabbed him by the wrist and led him back into the city.

�Slow down! You�re hurting my arm!!!� Yusuke screamed. Kei didn�t listen. That girl had sex on the brain.

V: Simon�s Confused in a Trap:

Emily smirked at her target. Simon kept his eyes forward.

�What do you want?� he asked.

Emily shook her head at him. �Look at me.�

�I don�t want to.�

�Why not?�

There was a bitter silence. Emily leaned in close to her prey�s ear.

�You�re afraid of me, aren�t you?�

Simon trembled as he took in heavy breaths. Emily nuzzled his nape.

�Turn to me.�


�Look at me!�

She turned him around to face her. He had his eyes. Emily leaned in so close that her lips were only inches from his.

�Open your eyes and see me.�

Simon shook his head. Emily suddenly acted deeply into her plan. She moved his hand straight to her right breast. The boy jerked his eyes and looked down against his better judgment. She held his hand firmly to her breast. A beet red shade covered his face as his eyes met hers again. Emily smiled as she moved his other hand to her other breast. The boy thought that he was going to have a heart attack. Emily licked her lips at him.

�Feel good?� she whispered. Simon fought to keep his eyes on her face. His brain was in a confusing place right now. He wanted to push her off of him, but yet� Her breasts feel so good, he thought.

Emily smirked at the effect she had on him. But, this wasn�t going to be enough. The heiress just had to have more�soon.

VI: Yellow Burns:

Hunter kissed Pandora on the neck. He breathed her in again. She held her hands begin to tremble. She wanted to stay pure for Evan, but Hunter had this charm to him. Many a night did she fantasize about losing herself within him. The Irish man leaned in closer to her ear.

�You�re scared, aren�t you?� he asked. Pandora shook her head.

�No!� she lied.

�Then, why are you trembling?� he whispered. Pandora glanced down at her hands. They had never looked so pale before in her life. Her fingers loosened their grip on the designs in them. Hunter gave her a light butterfly kiss on the nape.

�Come on,� he whispered. �Do you want me tonight or not?� Pandora shut her eyes as she felt the last design slip out of weakening fingers. She turned around to him in his arms, panting. The freshman swallowed once.

�Please don�t tell Evan,� she pleaded in a whimper. Hunter knelt down and kissed her on the lips in reply. Pandora passively kissed him back. He pulled her over to the wall and pinned her down. He slid off her aqua t-shirt and pushed down her beige skirt. She slid off his leather jacket as she kissed him on the neck. Cigarettes. That was the only scent that she took in for the rest of the night as she stripped off each article of his clothing and he devoured her in return.

VII: Aftermath:

One night. Kei took Yusuke back to his dorm. She insisted that they go inside. The boy looked at her with a blank face.

�I don�t get it,� he said as he took slid his card in the shot.

�Get what?� Kei asked.

�Why are we here?�

�You�ll see in a moment.�

The door beeped open. Yusuke still had an uncertain look on his face. This wasn�t what he had in mind. But, he did his best to humor her. They rode up to the seventh floor in the elevator in silence.

�Which one is your dorm?� Kei asked.

�705�� he mumbled.

�Nice,� she said. The elevator doors opened wide with a beep. The 9 Records princess grabbed him by the hand and raced down the hall.

�Kei!� he yelled. �Slow down what is this all about?!?�

�I want to you to fuck me!� she yelled back. Her date just rose right in his tracks.

�WHAT?!?� he tried. Kei paused and turned around to him.

�Fuck me tonight!� she repeated. The girl tried to kiss him on the lips in one rough swoop. Yusuke pushed her off. His classmate looked at him still hot for him.

�What?� she asked. The boy shook his head at her.

�I�m sorry,� he said. �I�m not going to have sex with you.� The heat from Kei�s face and eyes slowly went down the drain.

�What are you saying?� she asked. �Don�t you like me?�

�Well, yeah�� he said.

�Then what�s wrong?� the princess asked.

�I just don�t like you that much�� Yusuke said at last. Angry disappointment crawled on his date�s face.

�You�re turning me down?� she asked.

�Yes,� the boy said with a nod. A nice pause rushed past them. Kei clinched her fists. Yusuke noticed her change in demeanor.

�Yamaguchi-chan, please don�t be mad�� he tried to reason. Too late, my friend!

�Asshole!� Kei snapped. She spat on him and walked off. Yamada Yusuke was now kicked off the list. Five candidates out, nine more to try. Yamaguchi Kei was still a virgin.

VIII: Yellow is a Funny Color:

Yellow is a funny color. It inspires happiness and love. At least it does most of the time, anyway. Other times, you do the math.

Black and Yellow