Sake and Umeshu

Volume One:

Rated: Y

    Chapter one: In the Beginning...
Our pokémon heroes, Ash, Kasumi, Brock, and Gary, meet the digidestined, Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, Takeru and Kari, at a concentration camp. Then they meet Queen Megan and Grace in the future. The all present children get these birthstones except Takeru and Kari. Later Grace finds out she is an immortal.

    Chapter two: Ocean Spirit
Our three of friends meet Nina, the immortal of the ocean. Then suddenly Kasumi's Aquamarine starts glowing for some odd reason. Nina her daughter?

    Chapter three: Venus and the Broken Heart
Angela finds out that her boyfriend, Gary, has been cheating on after Venus, the immortal of love, shows her the truth. Crushed, Angela dumps Gary and runs to Ash for support.

    Chapter four: Clash of the Powers
A violent storm blossoming over Tokyo. But wait! It's not an ordinary storm. It's Grace's future niece and nephew, Jessi and Jimmy. They must be contained before they cause real destruction.

    Chapter five: The Night of the Dance
For the last day of school, Sana Private School decides to throw a school party. Grace brings Takeru to hers. Across town, Tokyo Elementary has a dance too. Strangely, Brandy shows up.

    Chapter six: The Ruby, The Eternal Fire
The first day of summer.... and chaos breaks loose.

    Chapter six: The Ruby, The Eternal Fire
The first day of summer.... and chaos breaks loose.

    Chapter seven: Toxic Explosion
A factory in the mountains explodes and Hikari's summer camp group is caught in the middle of it.

    Chapter eight: The Kidnapping
Out of lust, Taja, Grace's uncle, kidnaps Mimi and marries her.

    Chapter nine: Sweet Passion
Takeru and Grace bond is put to the test by Jeffery.

    Chapter ten: Bitter Sweet Rivalry
Travis and Takeru meet and it is UGLY!!!!

Volume Two:

Rated: Y

    Chapter eleven: First Cigarette
Grace smokes first cigarette. Noiz: I just hope it's her last.

    Chapter twelve: Memory Trip
It's raining and Grace is really bored! But Katrina comes and shows her all the fun she can have inside by looking into her past.

    Chapter thirteen: Snow In Tokyo?
It's summertime and it is snowing. Snowing? Wait a minute! It's Gezzele's power. Can Grace and her crew stop her before it's a white summer?

    Chapter fourteen: Heart of Pegasus
Grace finds the wand of Pegasus in her family burial site. Then discovers both the wands power and Miraiah is trying to kill her. Noiz: I bet you can't figure out what show I copied the story from.

    Chapter fifteen: The Beauty Queen?
Serena, one of Grace's cousins, arrives and shows her true beauty when she finds one of Blare's fairies.

    Chapter sixteen: Princess of the Bugs
Chillie, another one of Grace's cousins, arrives to play with the future kids. But instead, they deal with another one of Blare's fairies.

    Chapter seventeen: Fierce Rivalry
Roxanne, a feisty Latina bombshell, shows up and makes the guys turn heads. Jealous, Angela sees her as a threat.

    Chapter eighteen: Number for the Stars
Lisa, another one of Grace's cousins and Chillie's older sister, arrives to play with the future kids and show them her art. But instead, they deal with another one of Blare's fairies.

    Chapter nineteen: Rain Flower Doom
The crew goes on a picnic and meets Jen, the immortal of rain forest and friendship. But on the way, they run into another one of Blare's fairies.

    Chapter twenty: Like A Feather
The crew meets Alex, Jeffery's older sister, for the first time. Jeff doesn't like this at and the two start fighting constantly. That is until another one of Blare's fairies show up...

Volume Three:

Rated: Y

    Chapter twenty-one: The Last Child?
Tiffany comes to the other children and boy is she rough. It looks like Blare is going to have a huge competition on her hands.

    Chapter twenty-two: Orphan Psyche
Psyche moves to Japan with her brothers and they are poor. The other girls tease about the way she looks. Blare sends another one of her nature fairies to attack our friends.

    Chapter twenty-three: Sweet and Shy
Ellie moves to Japan. She secretly has a crush on Tai. Blare sends another one of her nature fairies to attack our friends.

    Chapter twenty-four: The Moment of Truth
Ash and the others learn about, their gems, the children, and why Blare is trying to kill the royal family. Meanwhile Grace tells the other children about their parents. Takeru and Kari get their gems.

    Chapter twenty-five: Air Trip
The crew goes on a trip by plane to Minty island. Aside from Miraiah's fear of flying, everything seems dandy. But Blare always follows....

    Chapter twenty-six: Vacation Part 1
The first day of vacation should be pleasant, right? Not if you are an immortal!

    Chapter twenty-seven: Vacation Part 2
The second part of their vacation and the children learn the truth about Blare and how to deal with her.

    Chapter twenty-eight: Vacation Part 3
The end to Blare and this lovely vacation!

    Chapter twenty-nine: Survivor Party
Grace, Lisa, and Chillie are invited to a survivor-themed birthday party.

    Chapter thirty: Cave Journey
Travis sends Takeru into a cave for a prank to get Gracey. Inside, Takeru runs into a certain "friend".....

Volume Four:

Rated: Y

    Chapter thirty-one: Nature Walk
Grace takes a little walk all alone and has a lot of fun until she sense that a new enemy is coming.

    Chapter thirty-two: The Darkness Star Comes
Sepheroth and his four ladies come along and they are on a mission to destroy Tokyo and the royal family.

    Chapter thirty-three: An Old Friend Turns Evil
After capturing Taichi and Agumon by accident, Sepheroth decides to turn them evil.

    Chapter thirty-four: Arcade Trap
Grace and Mitch go to the arcade for some fun and games. Instead, they run into Taichi and Amberus....

    Chapter thirty-five: Earthquake Emergency
A huge earthquake comes to Japan and Grace and her church group get caught in the middle of it. Even worse, she runs into Tai and Ultmacica.

    Chapter thirty-six: Lost In The Woods
Takeru and Grace get lost in the woods. While trying to go home, they run into Tai and Noi.

    Chapter thirty-seven: Sunday Fun
It's Sunday and the crew goes out for a Sunday church picnic. But Tai and Amberus go and crash the party.

    Chapter thirty-eight: Boat Trip
The crew goes on a nice boat trip. But that all changes when Shir and Tai rock the clam waters.

    Chapter thirty-nine: Sushi Bar Madness
It's Boaz's birthday and Megan, Mitch, and Grace meet her at a sushi bar. All seems rocky and fine but Tai and Shir show up again.

    Chapter forty: Picnic Barbecue
The crew has a nice picnic barbecue in the base picnic area. But then, Amberus and Tai crash the party....

Volume Five:

Rated: Y

    Chapter forty-one: Trial and Testimony
Grace and the others have to go to underworld in order to defeat Sepheroth and his girls and get Tai back. Tai tries to embarrass Grace by trying to get her to confess her true feelings for Takeru.

    Chapter forty-two: Portal of Darkness
In order for Grace and the others get to Sepheroth, they must cross though the portal of darkness. But as they cross though, their fears come to them.

    Chapter forty-three: Fire Dreams
Amberus battles the children alone. But then she falls to good.

    Chapter forty-four: Grass Stains
Since Amberus didn't take out the children, Noi tries to pick up where her sister left off.

    Chapter forty-five: Darkness Maze
In order to rescue Tai and Agumon and defeat Sepheroth, the children must cross through the darkness maze. However, Sepheroth has rigged the maze....

    Chapter forty-six: The Clear Blue Ocean
With two sisters out into good, it is now Shir's turn to try and weed out the little darlings.

    Chapter forty-seven: New Horizons
The children discover their older and stronger forms.

Volume Six:

Rated: Y

Chapter forty-eight: The Clash Of Thunder
In order for Grace and the others get to Sepheroth, they now must fight Ultmacica. But Ultmacica has got some tricks up her sleeve.

Chapter forty-nine: Back To Good
With all of the girls gone, it is now up to Tai and Agumon to defeat and crush the children.

Chapter fifty: The Final Battle
It is finally here! The final battle with lord Sepheroth himself.

    Chapter fifty-one: Summer Dream
After the children defeat Sepheroth, Takeru has this dream about everyday being summer. Noiz: I don't want to spoil the last story for you.